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Affiliate Program Twitch

Table of Content:

1. What is Twitch

2. What is Twitch Affiliate

3. How to Become a Twitch Affiliate

4. Join the Affiliate Program Twitch

5. How Much Money Do Twitch Streamers Make?

6. How Does the Twitch Affiliate Payout Work

7. Twitch for Small Streamers

8. Is Twitch Affiliate Worth It?


The benefits of being a Twitch affiliate are many, but getting started can be tricky, especially if you're not sure what steps to take.

Would you like to know more about the Twitch affiliate program? Let's get started..Scroll down to skip the introduction if you're already familiar with what is Twitch.

What Is Twitch?

Originally, Twitch was a gaming-oriented streaming network subsidiary of launched in 2011. After Twitch gained popularity in 2014, was rebranded as Twitch Interactive. Amazon then purchased Twitch Interactive later that year.

Twitch is a video live streaming service. It focuses on video game live streaming and also broadcasts of esports competitions. It also offers music broadcasts and creative content. In addition, recently they introduced "in real life" streams.

It is possible for streams to run from a minute to more than eight hours. You can find streams by browsing various categories, including specific games. When you subscribe to a streamer's channel, you will receive notifications about their activities.

According to Twitch, there are over 3.8 million unique broadcasters in just February 2020, with an average daily user count of 15 million.

What is Twitch Affiliate?

The Twitch Affiliate Program lets content providers monetize their channels by doing what they love the most - steaming! You will have more options to grow your channel when you become an affiliate, as it will help you launch your streaming career and provide you with more opportunity to earn from your streaming activity.

If you are a small streamer hoping to get your big break or just want extra income, consider becoming a Twitch Affiliate.

The program is available worldwide and allows streamers to:

  • Earn money from ads. From all video ads shown on your channels.

Note: Money earned through ads are included in the affiliates' standard payout after reaching the $100 USD payout threshold.
  • Earn on game sales. When playing a game that is available for purchase, the Affiliate can help a sale and receive a commission. Affiliates earn a 5% revenue share of the purchases that originate from their channel pages

  • Earn revenue on subscription. An affiliate will earn money by by allowing users to subscribe. All subscription parameters and global subscriber emote, will be available for an Affiliate.

Note: subscriber emotes are special badges that users get after paid subscriptions.
  • Earn revenue by enabling Bits to Cheer and encouraging viewers to support them without leaving the platform.

What is Bits? Bits refer to virtual good that viewers can buy on Twitch. It gives viewers the power to encourage and show support for streamers. In addition, it allows getting attention in chat through animated emoticons, getting recognition through badges, and /or leaderboards.

How to Become a Twitch Affiliate

Having an affiliate program requires you to meet specific standards. Once you are an affiliate, you have a number of advantages over "regular" streamers, including of course the ability to make money from your broadcasts.

It is possible that the following numbers do not appear to be very large at first glance, but you'll get there! Just a bit of work should be done to meet the requirements, but it is all doable.

To join Twitch Affiliates, you must have streamed for at least 500 minutes over a month. Other requirements are:

  • At least 500 minutes of streaming completed.

  • At least seven consecutive days of streaming.

  • Each stream should have at least three viewers on average.

  • Have a minimum of 50 followers.

The conditions may be challenging for new broadcasters since the first time you stream, your channel may probably only have a few viewers. There is a great tip that will bring you closer to the affiliate program's requirements:

Tip. When you stream, communicate with your viewers. Make an excellent first impression by going live and connecting with them during the chat because personal touch is important! Make them feel good about your streaming style and establish a connection with them.

Join the Affiliate Program Twitch (Sign Up Page)

As soon as your account meets the Twitch affiliate requirements, you'll be invited via email to sign up to become an affiliate. You'll also get a notification in the dashboard.

Creating an account is easy if you follow these steps:

  • In your Dashboard, go to the Preferences tab.

  • Fill in the blanks with the information you'll need to register.

  • Accept and agree to the Twitch Affiliate Agreement's terms and conditions.

  • Give your tax information.

  • Fill in the details for your Twitch affiliate payout, allowing Twitch to pay you through Paypal, Direct Deposit, wire transfer, check.

  • You're a Twitch Affiliate once the information is filled out and Twitch has accepted your application.

Important Conditions and Terms

Affiliate Terms and Conditions for Twitch are pretty standard. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • If your account is inactive, you risk losing your affiliate status. While Twitch uses various methods to detect inactivity, the simplest explanation is that your affiliate status will be revoked if you don't submit any content for an extended period.

  • Your streams have an exclusive period during which you cannot stream or submit your content to any other website. Before you share it elsewhere, it has to stay on Twitch for a certain amount of time.

  • After your affiliate account is closed, Twitch will take up to $25 of whatever balance remains in your account as a "Maintenance Fee.".

How Much Money Do Twitch Streamers Make?

It is estimated that a professional streamer makes $3,000 to $5,000 a month, playing 40 hours a week.

For typical streams, ad revenue will be around $250 per hundred subscribers or $3.50 per 1,000 views. (Remember, to start making money on Twitch, you'll need 500 regular viewers).

Small Twitch streamers typically have 50 to 100 subscribers and make around $500 a month, still not bad for a passive income.

It is also possible to earn money on Twitch in various ways, just like on other social media sites. In addition to ad money, subscriptions, contributions, and games sales, sponsorships can increase streamers' earnings dramatically if they grow in popularity on Twitch.

Here are the ways you can earn from Twitch:

  • Sponsorships

  • Donations/Patreon

  • Customized Merchandise

  • Affiliate Links from other programs

  • Tournament Winnings

How Does the Twitch Affiliate Payout Work

  • Twitch distributes subscription money 50/50 with Affiliates, so a $4.99 membership would net you $2.50.

  • Donations from third parties go directly towards your payout, with each bit equaling $0.01.

  • Game Sale. Affiliates earn a 5% revenue share of the purchases that originate from their channel pages

  • Money earned through ads are included in the affiliates' standard payout after reaching the $100 USD payout threshold.

A Twitch Affiliate is eligible for compensation once they have earned $100 in revenue. If you don't make more than $100 in a month, the balance will roll over until you meet the minimum. Twitch will examine who has hit the $100 barrier at the conclusion of each calendar month. After then, payment is due 15 days after the end of the month.

You can always view your payout history on your Channel Analytics tab to see how close you are to receiving your next payment.

Twitch pays affiliates through Paypal, Direct Deposit, wire transfer, check, hold payments (held while waiting for Affiliate to specify new payout information).

Twitch for Small Streamers

A modest streamer with ten average viewers can earn roughly $50 per month, whereas a streamer with 100 average viewers can earn up to $1500 per month.

To make the Twitch affiliate program work for small streamers, you need to put some work into it. The money you earn each month may not be enough to cover all your expenses at the beginning, but you may still be able to take advantage of other programs that fit your niche!

Twitch allows using links in the chat while the stream is on! You can also add a link to you profile. That means you can join any affiliate program and use your affiliate link to earn commission. The large selection of affiliate programs is available on Share-a-sale and CJ platforms.

Is Twitch Affiliate Worth It?

If you're looking to achieve financial independence, Twitch might be tricky. However, streaming may be attractive if you would like to earn extra income doing things you enjoy.

Promoting yourself and building a following is essential for making it worthwhile. In the end, if you are wondering "how much do Twitch streamers make," it is all a matter of what kind of effort you're ready to put forth.

Are you already a twitch affiliate? Share your feedback with us and fellow streamers!

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